Breakup to Breakthrough


Get over your divorce and finally move on!

Are you struggling to get over your divorce? Does it feel as if your emotions are running wild and they’re impacting your professional and personal lives? Are you nervous about dating again? Most people have tried to move on but nothing seems to work. Are you ready to stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed so you can take control of your life? Know that you’re not alone! Healing from the aftermath of divorce and moving on with your life is possible.

Psychologist, Divorce Coach, and Grief Expert Lana Gajic (B.Sc., M.C.) applies scientific principles to help people mend their broken hearts and develop more satisfying, soulful lives. Now, for the first time, she’s sharing her knowledge and experience so that you can go from wanting a happier life to creating that life!

The Playboy Playmate and One Life to Live star had unknowingly let the universe guide her most of her life – until a dear ex-boyfriend killed himself, her father died, and she became embroiled in a lawsuit against a pedophilic youth minister.

All this happened when Karen was newly married to the man of her dreams, an incredible, romantic, brilliant man.

Written from one mom to another,Heal Your Kids, Heal Your Heart, Natalie Pereman offers effective tools to heal your children and your family. Learn a proven step-by-step program that worked for her kids and can work for yours, too.