Inspired: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul Inspired Life


Are you inspired to do something brave, bold, and brilliant?

Have you ever dared to share and put yourself out there? If you don’t show up, don’t risk, and don’t overcome your fears or inner obstacles, the world loses – and so do you.

Through vulnerable and honest story-telling Joy Taylor reveals her personal trials and triumphs. She opens readers to the possibility of living ‘in spirit’ in today’s distracted, demanding, and upside down world. Follow this journey of awakening as Joy creatively unpacks 7 Wisdoms to live a soul inspired life. Discover that life happens for you, not “to you”, and that you truly deserve all the good that is coming your way. Guided by insight and propelled by genuine courage, you can choose to grow into your highest potential. Through the profound guidance shared in this book, you’ll learn to cultivate courage, access intuition, and creatively express your genius.