Let Go


Torben Rif spent most of his life fighting to be the best―to be better than others. He was influenced by what others thought about him and their opinions on what he was doing. Hiswas a life ruled by the fear of failing and the uncertainty of whether he was good enough; a life dominated by beliefs that were created in the early years of his life. Torben learned quite quickly that you gain recognition and attention when you become number one; a winner gets attention and number two gets nothing. Torben quickly developed the tools to become number one, but with these abilities he also developed a fear of failure; this fear began to dominate his life and his decisions more and more. Torben was trapped in false convictions from past experiences. Torben is the father of two amazing children―Kamilla, 19 years old, and Daniel, 23 years old―who were huge motivating factors for changing his behavior. Torben discovered that his actions and attitudes had begun to affect his children. He was frustrated to see his own children fighting the same beliefs that he himself had struggled with for so many years.