Rough Diamond


Rough Diamond is a book about learning – a rough guide – a manifesto for those who want to fly high above the ordinary. It’s my own story but it applies to everyone I’ve ever met. It covers many different dimensions, some subtle and some not so much – but they are all important in one way or another. My experiences have been no different to millions of others – it’s what you do about them – these immovable objects – that makes it work. The story really erupts about 4 years ago. I will tell you how divorce from my long term partner and the bizarre termination of my career in advertising were in fact the making of me. It charts how having the priorities of my kids front and centre they could still get woven into my working life in the right way. Although wanting to scream like a child amazing support from family and friends gave me the strength to get through. They showed me how to avoid all the pain that the normal divorce process seems to insist on. I explain the ultimate divorce from the big agency. They cut me down at my knees. At the time it sent shock waves through me and the whole industry. Now I see it for what it was. The best thing that could ever have happened.