TMJ Is Ruining My Life


Does painful jaw clicking and popping make it difficult for you to eat normally?

When you have chronic clicking, popping, or pain in your jaw, it can make everything that much more difficult. It is already hard enough deciding what to make for dinner, but even worse when nothing sounds good because it is too painful to eat anything other than soup or pasta. And it’s not just eating – severe pain in your jaw can also affect your sleep, ability to talk, and overall ability to function.

You’re plagued by many physical symptoms, too! Your doctor told you that you were depressed, handed you a prescription for an antidepressant, and referred you to a psychiatrist. Your heart of hearts truly believes that you’re not depressed, but you don’t know what causes you to feel this way.
What if It’s Not Depression? is for the person who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, doesn’t know why they suffer, is tired of going to doctors who just hand them prescriptions, and is willing to do the work so that they aren’t crippled by multiple chronic problems requiring multiple medications